Lets face it. Business events are boring.

Here is the good news – we are changing it.

For long years, event planners and host organisations have been trying to find the magic formula to engage attendees effectively through the course of an event. Fancy performance artists, expensive audio and visual equipment, celebrity guests and much more has been attempted to keep the attendees glued to their seats, and retain their fickle attention span. Events apps have brought in an era of improved engagement for attendees, but at a high cost, time and effort. Event apps have become the privilege of slick high budget events, with little room events with limited budgets.

Attendica is changing all of that. Event planners – big and small, freelancers and organisations - across the world use Attendica as their event app to provide a highly engaging experience to their attendees – at affordable prices. There is no IT knowledge needed, and an event can go live on the app in minutes.

With its founding team having extensive experience in having worked with some of the World’s top technology and consulting companies, Attendica is continuously striving towards its vision of improving event engagement. Should you wish to know more, please feel free to write to us at hello@attendica.com