About Attendica

Creating an Attendica account?

- You can change parts of your account details by clicking here

- You can reset your password by clicking here. If you are still facing problems, please write to us at hello@attendica.com

- Deleting an account may remove all your account data from our databases which may not be possible to revive. If you wish to delete your account, write to us at hello@attendica.com

Event creation?

- Event creation is the process of answering simple questions about your event. It helps us develop your event on the Attendica app. It is simple and you can always come back to change things (other than event essentials) after your event has been created.

- Click here to create an event.

- All events you previously created are available as a part of your "My Events" list.

- Whether you are an event manager, or a simply the host – anyone can create an event. Attendica is for everyone.

- No. You just need to know your event well enough. We manage the geeky stuff for you.

- Event templates simplify the event creation process for you. However, if you can’t find your event type, you can simply build a customised event by clicking/selecting the customised event tab. You can add specific features you wish to build in any type of event.

- The event questionnaire is where you provide us with the information needed to create your event on the Attendica app.

- An event on the Attendica app is customised to a large extent basis the inputs you provide. You can add a banner for your event as a part of the customisation of the visuals. Keep checking for more customisation options coming in the near future.

- At the moment, Attendica comes with limited customisation options. Write to us at with your requirements, and we will try and match it to the best of our ability.

- Yes. Other than information provided in “event essentials” section, you can modify your event app on the go. You can do this by clicking on the edit button from your “My events” list.

- An event code allows you to give access to people whose email has not been listed in your invitee list. The individual can join the event by punching in the event code. For the sake of your event’s privacy, the event code should only be shared by people who you would want to join the event. We recommend not publishing it extensively (unless you are hosting a public event – where you may want to do it).

- The event will be live within a few minutes. We can send out the invites for you instantly if you have shared the emails with us.

- Currently, Attendica supports English. More languages coming soon!

- Yes, once you have filled up the first event creation page (event essentials), you can download the app and keep testing how the app will look as you create the event. You will have to login with the same email id which has been used to create the event. You will see your event listed as a draft on the app.

- Attendica offers something much better. You pay much lesser than the branded apps (which can cost thousands of dollars), and yet you can get a full feature set event app with a customisable banner. Attendica does not offer white labelled app services at the moment.

- The event will automatically get closed 24 hours after the last session of the last day of the event. If you wish to cancel an event you have already created, you can do it from your dashboard.

- After an event is closed, no further changes can be made and all live event management features get disabled. You can see the event details on a read-only basis. All data of cancelled events is lost and cannot be retrieved.

- The event will automatically get closed 24 hours after the last session of the last day of the event.

Event Features

Attendica offers a wide array of features, details of which are listed below:

- The about feature allows event creators to provide basic details about the event to the attendees. These include uploading the event banner, a summary of the event, dates, dress code and social presence. The “event hashtag” is automatically pulls tweets from twitter and integrates it to you homepage feeds.

- The schedule feature allows you to add the event’s schedule on the app. Within each session, you can provide a summary of what the session will be about, share wifi details, provide speaker profiles, run polls, launch surveys, provide reading material and have Q&As with upvotes. Now that’s what we call better engagement!

- The locations and travel feature allows you to list multiple locations relevant to your event on the app. The locations are integrated with google maps and you can also provide details of how to get to a location through various modes of transport.

- Our emergency feature allows you to list critical phone numbers in case of an emergency. You can go ahead and add contact details of emergency co-ordinators within the organising team, as well as closest emergency services.

- Event creators can use lost and found services through two options – centrally resolved or crowd-resolved. The centrally resolved option allows providing name and phone number of a central co-ordinator. The crowd resolved option allows attendees to upload details of items that are lost or found. You can choose to have both options activated at the same time as well.

- The sponsors feature allows you to add sponsors of your event to the app. This is a great opportunity for the event organisers to leverage this as a property with the sponsors and offers superb marketing ROI. (Psst..legend has it that event planners recover several times the cost of the app through this feature alone!).

- If you are running a trade show or a fair, the exhibitor feature allows you to list down the details of the exhibitor such as the booth details, exhibitor brochure etc. The feature also allows visitors to raise an enquiry, which works as a lead-generation tool for exhibitors.

- The R&R feature allows event organisers to list down nominations and award winners for an event. Note that this feature can only be used from the live event management dashboard.

- Are you having contests or games at your event? This feature allows you to have a scoreboard for your event – wherein you can assign points to teams over various rounds.

Pricing & Payments?

- Pricing is a function of number of attendees and number of days. You can view the pricing plans here. If you did not find a plan to your liking, write to us at hello@attendica.com and we will get back to you. The free version of the app comes with limited features. You can also request a free demo by clicking here.

- Attendica offers different attendee count ranges for you to choose from. In case you are not sure about the number of people who will attend, or your planned number lies somewhere along the range borders, go ahead and select the higher range. We will refund you the difference in case the actual numbers are lower.

- Each plan comes with a 10 push notifications, 1 survey and 5 polls. In case you wish to buy these in additional numbers, we suggest you pre-purchase rather than buy when needed, in order to save time during the event rush.

- We accept payments through Paypal and Razorpay. Most credit cards should suffice.

- An event can be cancelled any time before the event is live, provided none of the features have been used. We deduct 10% as a standard for event cancellation and 20% if push notifications/polls or surveys have been used. No refunds are processed if an event is cancelled once it is live.

- You will be notified when we begin processing your refund. Refunds usually take 2 weeks to reflect. If you do not see your refunds within 2 weeks, please write to us at hello@attendica.com

Live event management?

The live event management dashboard allows you to manage various aspects of attendee engagement live during an event. You can use the dashboard to view who has logged in to the app, which participant and speaker profiles have been viewed the most, launch polls and surveys, send notifications, update award winners and a lot more!

- The Attendica app is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App store as “Attendica”.

- The website allows event organisers to create events and manage live event features, whereas the app allows event engagement.

Min Requirement: Android LOLLIPOP (API 21)

If you still face problems, write to hello@attendica.com.

- Make sure you have created your account using the same email id on which you received the invite. If you are the event creator, make sure you login using the same email which you used to login while creating the event. If you are logging in using an event code, please check with your event administrator.

- A list of all attendees is available for everyone to see. Once you have logged in to an event on the Attendica app, all other attendees and the event organisers will know.

- An event code is an alpha-numeric code provided to the event organisers. The code is generated once an event is created on the Attendica website, and is unique to an event. The code allows attendees who have not been invited using the “profiles” tool to enter the event by directly entering the code on the app. Anyone who enters the code to enter the event gets full access to all event features – similar to any attendee who may have entered the event using a username.

- If you received a mail inviting you to the event and asking you to download the app, you can try logging in using the same email id as your username. If you did not, and need an event code, please reach out to your event hosts/organisers. Event organisers are given the event code on the “Go Live” page of event creation, and can subsequently view on the top right corner of the live event management dashboard.

- Event codes are case-sensitive. Make sure you are entering the correct code, and if it still does not work, please re-check the event code with your event hosts/organisers. Note that an event, once closed or cancelled, cannot be entered. Also note that if an event organiser has blocked you, you may not be able to enter the event.

- You can leave an event my choosing to do so from the pull out menu on your app.

- Yes you can. However, some data that may have been previously stored would be lost.

Need more answers? Write to us at hello@attendica.com.