Before the event

  • About event, date and other event essentials
  • Social presence amplification
  • Travel and Directions
  • Event Schedule Listing
  • Share speaker profiles
  • Provide sponsor appreciation (Insane ROI maker!)
  • Share documents and pre-reads
  • Award nominee listing
  • Attendee segmentation
  • Real time updates on app downloads and attendee status

During the event

  • Live event app dashboard
  • Chat with organisers and other attendees
  • Live polls - make your sessions interactive
  • Q&As with upvoting - address then most relevant questions
  • Lead generation for exhibitors
  • Push notifications
  • Crowd resolved Lost and Found
  • Live awards winner updates
  • Live scoreboard updates and management
  • Emergency number sharing

After the event

  • Attendee views
  • Session ratings
  • Event feedback surveys
  • Speaker views
  • 360 degree view of all critical event app data